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Mobile operators

Major Mobile Operators in Kyiv and Ukraine are: Kyivstar GSM, MTC (former UMC), Djuice, Jeans, Beeline, Life :) , U’TEL, Mobilych, UNI

CDMA: CDMA Ukraine, Intertelecom,  PEOPLE Net,  U’TEL (from Ukrtelecom)

Mobile, or cell phones became very popular and affordable in Ukraine just in the last few years. The prepaid segment of the mobile market is growing especially fast. Land line telephones are going into the past in Kyiv (Kiev) because there is a great choice of GSM or CDMA operators. Mobile phones are also quite the status symbol and most people are trying to get more expensive ones.

All incoming calls, regardless of the operator are free. Visitors can buy a mobile phone with a SIM card, or simply put the SIM card (prepaid package) into their own phone (if it supports such standards as GSM 900 or GSM 1800), and use it for both domestic and international calls.

Prepaid packages are provided by all Ukrainian mobile operators and can be purchased in every shop selling mobile phones or at stands selling mobile prepaid cards.

The prominent feature of a Ukrainian mobile user is the love to SMS and recently MMS services. Internet services of the Mobile Operators leaves much to be desired but becoming better and better every year. Nowdays the best price/quality internet is offered by MTC. Roaming is available from all operators.

To call Internationally the cheapest is by using LIFE :) and MTC

The oldest and widely spread mobile operators are: Kyivstar and MTC

It is possible to put more credits on your mobile phone not only buying scretch cards from the stands ( you could get a SIM card (prepaid package) from the stands as well), Press kiosks or at the shop, but also by using pay machines. (Look at the pic) They are easy to use, but usually they take up to 1 hrivnia commission percent.